Donate to Adventure Buddies

Adventure Buddies is a not-for-profit adventure group which was started by myself (Andrew Luecke) to help people meet and explore different activities. It was started for some of the following reasons:

  • Many meetup groups require membership fees or / and fees for every event.
  • I found most only focused on a single type of activity
  • Many common groups have waiting lists to appear busy and some are capped at small numbers.
  • To create a group which catered for everyone. We want to try to accommodate as many people as possible and ensure everyone returns safely.
    • Lots of people have never been on adventures, and many meetups are designed for only experienced people
  • Further our knowledge we learn. We don’t see ourselves as competing against other groups, but supplementing them (and hopefully some of our own members may guide some adventures in the future).
  • Finally, have fun, and provide an environment where everyone can freely relax. We’re not here to judge.
  • Lower the barrier of entry.




Unfortunately, to accomplish this, Adventure Buddies generates a lot of expenses including the following:

  1. Inreach/iridium Subscription to allow realtime GPS tracking and emergency messenging in rural areas.
  2. Web hosting costs
  3. Domain costs
  4. Meetup costs (which is surprisingly expensive)
  5. Equipment costs (such as spare rock climbing harnesses and rope we use as a backup).
  6. Time to create events and generate GPX tracks for the website so attendees can go on the same track in the future.

Sponsorship / Donations

To cover our costs, we are looking for financial donations, volunteers to run events, equipment donations (such as trekking GPS devices)  or Sponsorship.

Donations can be made directly via Adventure Buddies Paypal .

Feel free to contact us for any other forms of assistance you can provide.

Andrew Luecke