Group Rules

We’re trying to aim for a informal group where people can easily join us on our trips. You don’t need to be a seasoned professional (just come along and see how you go). If you don’t have a car, we’ll try to find someone that can drive.

1. Keep in mind, this is an informal group. There are no membership fees for joining, its not-for-profit, and it’s for fun. It’s every members responsibility to understand their limits, keep with the group, and remain safe during activities (especially as we cannot guarantee that someone with First Aid training will be available at all times) .

2.  Adventure Buddies will not be held liable for any injuries incurred by members or any guests brought by other members. All activities are at your own risk. The safety of adventures are open to interpretation in many cases, and its every members own responsibility to do their own research.  


3. Whilst we will try to do our best to avoid getting lost, we are unable to guarantee that all treks will return on time, or on time safety. We will strive to notify members of all risks

4. As a group, the back of the group should try to remain in visual eyesight of the front of the group. Similarly, vice versa. This allows headcounts to be regularly performed, and ensures nobody can get lost.

5. Those at the front of the group must always stop at intersections and junctions unless otherwise informed. We don’t always follow the GPS tracks, and a single lost person can easily add a considerable delay to a trek.

6. Please treat all members with respect. Bigotry or sexism will NOT be accepted. Neither will illegal activities

7. Have a good time.

8. Listen to your guide and be honest with them (if you are injured, it is best to be upfront).

9. If your guide is telling the group to hurry up, they are probably worried about end of daylight or other factors. Particularly on mountaineering trips, treks can be time sensitive (you don’t want to be finding base camp in an alpine environment in the dark).

10. Ensure you have the correct gear. Otherwise you will not be permitted to come (especially if there is a definitive safety risk).

11. Follow the directions of people with first aid experience. For some injuries (such as snake bite), being stubborn and ignoring medical advice can transform a small issue into a serious problem.