Ironbark Gorge Track (to Falcons Lookout)

Ironbark Gorge Track is a moderate track located near Werribee gorge. It’s fairly well established, and fairly well signposted. Easy scrambling is required, and it’s fairly steep at times but its unlikely you’ll get lost.

The view from the top is incredible, and for those interested in Rock climbing, it’s possible to rock climb at Falcon’s lookout (there is a trail leading below, and there are belay posts at the top.. Be SAFE guys).

There are no toilets on the way, and keep in mind this track no longer connects to Werribee Gorge Circuit (due to private property).

Follow the signage from the car park passing through Ironbark gorge (a small valley), and follow the trail until reaching Falcon’s lookout, where there is an awesome view and various belay posts.

For those interested in rock climbing, you can use The Crag for more information on various routes or grab a copy of Rockclimbs around Victoria