Kurth Kiln Circuit

Containing a range of forest types, the Park is mostly known for its kiln, built during the Second World War to make charcoal for gas producer units fitted to cars. Patented and developed by Professor E E Kurth, the ‘producer gas’ was a substitute for petrol, heavily rationed at the time.

Kurth Kiln Circuit starts off at the camping ground, brings us to the kiln (almost immediately), past waterfalls, a rock climbing location and a reservoir. There is a lot of road walking in this trek, and its considered Moderate mainly because of the distance. The good thing about this track however, is that it can be simplified as required. I have marked this as a shallow river crossing, however, you actually are trekking over small streams (where there is the risk of falling in).

Those who have an interest in Rock Climbing can also bring a rope and harnesses, for basic practice at Egg Rock (its a good place to start)