Tidal River to Little Oberon Bay

Tidal River to Little Oberon Bay is a nice Coastal walk starting from Tidal River Campground in Wilsons prom, passes Norman point, Norman beach and ends at Little Oberon bay before returning to the camping ground. It’s a fairly easy walk, and you can be on the beach as you wish, or avoid it.

Start at the Camping ground. It may be worthwhile grabbing a map from the visitor centre there.

Follow the signposts to Norman Bay South / Oberon Bay. Follow the track until you reach Norman beach. After visiting the beach, continue the track making a right hand turn to Norman Point, and then continuing the track to the beach at Little Oberon Bay.

After reaching Little Oberon Bay, return back to the Campground.

Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk

Mount Kosciuszko is Australia’s highest Mountain. It’s located in the Snowy Mountains and has seasonal snow. The Bass list of Seven Summits considers Mt Kosciuszko to be one of the Seven summits (however, Messner’s 7 summits replaces it with Puncak Jaya instead).

Whilst traditionally you used to be able to drive to the summit, due to environmental concerns, this is no longer possible. Snow gear (such as Cross country ski’s) may be required throughout some of the year, and during such times, GPS and maps are recommended (as trails are not marked). In non-snow conditions, this is considered a Moderate/easy hike, where the main obstacle to reaching summit is the length, however, it becomes a lot harder in snow. Ensure you are capable of hiking 20km before doing this trek. It is NOT technical .

Start in the morning to ensure return before dark (and keep in mind, parking can be difficult). There are various facilities throughout the summit walk.

Begin the walk at the carpark (it can fill up, so expect to walk to get to the beginning). There is a sign indicating the beginning of the walk. The trail is well defined and clearly marked. The trail follows alongside various valleys and eventually passes snowy River and Seaman’s Hut. Continue following the trail up to the summit which is clearly marked with a brick marker to mark summit. Return the same way that you arrived.

Blowhard Summit (via Merlo Lookout)

Blowhard is located near Lake eildon. The summit walk is a steep walk up a trail from Merlo lookup. The trail is well defined, requires no scrambling and is has fairly good views from the top.

Also, in case you were wondering, someone stole the blowhard summit sign..

Start at the Merlo lookout carpark and follow the sign across the road to blowhard. Follow the trail up until you reach the junction at the summit (which is fairly flat at the top, and return the same way down.

Strath Creek Falls Walk

Strath Creek Falls is a 50m waterfalls located within the Mt Disappointment forest at Clonbinane Victoria. Whilst mostly an isolated location, various places near the area are used for dirt biking. There are campgrounds in the area if you wish to stay the night.

I’ve marked this walk as moderate, as there is a bit of an incline, however, its very short, the trail is well defined (the sides are fenced off), and the trail is short. You will not get lost. Ensure you’re wearing good enough shoes (but no real trekking equipment is required).

The Carpark has a picnic table, and 2 good car spots (although, it may be possible to improvise more). It seems to be reachable without 4WD (although, 4wd is preferred), and it likely isn’t accessible for buses or camper-vans. There is very little phone reception. I personally spent 2 days at Strath Creek, and never saw a second person (probably because there isn’t much else nearby). So it’s also a great place if you want some peace.

The walk starts from the carpark. You follow the signposts and the trail. Along the way you see the valley to the left and there is a viewing platform with additional info at the end of the trail to observe the waterfall. The viewing platform has a placard with a poem on a rock. Once you have finished, do a U-Turn and return to the car-park.

It shouldn’t take longer than 30mins.

Please note: I have seen this walk referred to as Murchison falls on one website, however, have been unable to find any usage of the name otherwise. I believe someone probably got creative, however, there are other features in the area which start with “Murchison” in the name, so it may be plausible. So keep in mind if someone talks about “Murchison Falls”, they are probably referring to Strath Creek.