Warburton River Walk (Yarra River)

Warburton River walk is an easy walk alongside the Yarra river. I’ve marked height as a risk, however, it is not required to pass a bridge at all (there are paths on both sides of the river, and they both lead to the same place). If you do wish to cross the river, there are also larger bridges available which also facilitate cars (if you are unable to cross normal footbridges)

On a summer day, you can take a swim, and it’s very difficult to get lost (just follow the river). You can alternate sides of the river differently if you wish.

There is a public bathroom at Bramich Footbridge if required. We believe this walk to be wheelchair accessible

We start our walk at the parking outside Redwood Community Centre. The entire walk is well signposted (and even have signs with simplified maps every footbridge).

Take the clearly marked sign to the trail, and begin walking alongside the river (don’t pass under or over the bridge at this time).

Pass the oval, and Cross over the first bridge (Redwood Bridge) to the other side and continue in the same direction. It’s a massive bridge, you won’t miss it.

Continue on until you come across Brett Rd bridge which is a combined Foot Traffic / Motor Vehicle bridge. Google calls it Brett Road, however the signage calls it “Brisbane Bridge” (you’ll need to follow the trail onto the road to get onto the bridge). Do a U-Turn and follow the path down until you reach Bramich Footbridge (there will be toilets). Along the way you will pass artwork on a wall.

Cross Bramich footbridge and continue walking to Redwood Bridge again (which you will need to cross once more). After passing, its a quick trip back to the car.