Cape Woolamai Adventure

Cape Woolamai is a nature reserve located as a south east offshoot of Phillip Island surrounded by beaches, cliffs and various fauna including Shearwater / Mutton birds.

You will need to check tide times before performing this walk. The first beach walk (Cleeland Blight) is difficult during high tide. For this reason, we don’t recommend reversing the direction of this walk (it’s best to get it out of the way, especially whilst people are still uninjured). Check the tide before going!!!

Meet at the Cape Woolamai surf club carpark. Follow the road and turn right onto the track towards the east beach (Cleeland Blight). Keep in mind that this is only safe during low tide.

Continue down the beach until reaching Quarry track (before the giant rocks on the beach / old granite quarry), climb the stairs and join the track inland, until turning left on cliff track, passing the lookout, beacon and the pinnacles until reaching the magicland steps to the beach. Turn right on the beach, walking along it until you reach the Cape Woolamai Surf club, completing your walk

Point Nepean Adventure Walk

Point Nepean is a beach area, which was traditionally used by the Army. It’s a walk with plenty of Historic buildings. If you wish to shorten this walk, you can skip the Cheviot hill detour or avoid visiting the bunkers / historic features. The trek is well signposted, has lots of tourists who can assist, has shuttle buses and in the event that you become lost, you can simply follow Defence rd (or the signs to quarantine station) to the beginning car park.

This walk includes a beach walk which you may avoid (if preferred) by returning via Coles Track back (or defense Rd / Danson Drive) instead of the beach.

Some of the places of interest you’ll pass are
* Information Centre
* Quarantine Station
* Cheviot Hill
* Harold Holt Memorial
* Happy Valley Trek
* Fort Pearce
* Fort Nepean
* Engine House
* Cemetery
* Gunners Cottage
* 25m Range (optional detour, not in GPX Track)

The walk begins at horseshoe building outside the carpark with billboards of information and proceeds onwards to the information Centre where you can collect a map, collect ice cream and go to the bathroom.

You continue down the path on Boyle Road (keeping the ocean on your right side) and the big white building on your left which is the Quarantine station. Eventually, you reach Coles Track (signposted), which you follow (a long distance), past Walterman Pister Track and the Observation Point beach turnoff. Follow the track along the coast until turning left to return to defence road.

Follow defence road a short distance, until you see the Cheviot Hill Circuit Turnoff on the left (there is a round information booth visible from the road where the path starts). You can skip this loop if you want to speed up the trek. Follow the path to cheviot hill, and follow the loop until turning right onto the Range area walk (signposted), and after a short time, turn left onto the Happy Valley track which is signposted too (definitely not a happy valley). You will return to the Cheviot hill track, where you turn right, and then left back onto defence road to continue your trek.

Continue walking down defence road, and a quick detour on the left will bring you to the Harold Holt memorial.

Continue down the road until you rejoin the main walking trek on the right side of the road, and continue towards the tip of the peninsula. You will pass eagles nest on the right, and once rejoining the road, Fort Pearce on the left,and then Pearce barracks (a circuit) on the right. Continue down the road (you’ll be able to see coastlines on both sides). You will reach stairs you need to climb for Fort Nepean (there is a small picnic area at the top). Follow the path to the right to Gun Emplacement 6 /Parade ground, until you reach another area with bathrooms. Follow the steps down to the Engine house (we recommend having lunch down there). Pass through the Engine House (upstairs) and you will reach another path, which will take you back to the stairs, the bathrooms and back to defense road.

You return via the road until you rejoin Coles track on the left. Eventually you’ll reach the bend (beach turnoff which is closed), instead proceed along the coast and coles track until you reach observatory point. Turn right down Walter Pisterman Walk (away from the coast until you reach the cemetary. Follow the Walter Pisterman track to the carpark (NOT the original one you parked at).

Whilst not in the GPX track, you can optionally turn left onto Defence road (towards the start of the trek), walk to 25M range and do a U-turn back to the carpark.

The carpark surrounds Gunners Cottage (if you wish to take a look). Continue back towards the coast via coles track (towards observation point). Turn left when you hit the coast, and then right until you reach the beach (there will be the broken down Historical Cattle Jetty). Turn right on the beach. Walk on the sand until you reach the quarantine station, bathrooms, visitor centre and the ultimately the carpark at the beginning.