Bushrangers Bay to Cape Shanck

Bushranger Bay to Cape Shanck is an easy walk with a well defined path, and lots of foot traffic. It starts from the Bushrangers Bay Carpark, leads to the footbridge of Cape Shanck (which can be followed down to the Coast) and returns. Views are spectacular and there is excellent scenery upon the way.

To halve the distance required and make it easier, you can leave a second car at the Cape Shanck Carpark to return you to bushrangers bay. There is mobile reception along various sections of the route, and this is a good one for beginners as there are many people to ask. Whilst the path isn’t wheelchair accessible (due to stairs), most people have very little trouble. Expected time to complete the trek is 2-3hrs, and you may see some wildlife along the way.

This walk is considered a staple by many trekking groups due to the ease of completion and the excellent views.